Human Resources Management

A systematic, strategic approach to human resources management is usually one of the most critical and most often overlooked elements which determine strategic success or failure.

Particularly when structuring an investment in a transition economy, or developing a joint venture between firms with two distinct cultures and organisations, the role of HR is decisive.

Navigator Consulting Group offers an integrated range of services in the field of HR management and development. We support enterprises diagnose human resource needs, design integrated HR development programmes and continually monitor and assess results:

  • Strategic analysis of HR development needs;

  • HR performance audits

  • Training design and delivery

  • Management and leadership development programmes

  • Restructuring and establishment of the HR function

  • Competency management systems

  • Performance assessment systems

  • Compensation and incentive systems

  • Recruitment

  • Establishing corporate universities and training centres

  • Support for corporate restructuring, downsizing, outplacement

We support institutions such as governments, universities, NGOs or donor aid programmes develop and implement policies and projects in the HR and education and training areas. Our services include:

  • Assessment of regional, sectoral and cluster-related HR development needs

  • Labour market monitoring and analysis

  • Policy analysis and development

  • Development of training and HR development programmes and centres

  • Internal staff assessment and training

  • Management of donor-funded HR projects and programmes

  • Support for regional development and structural reforms

  • Project assessment and evaluation

We have developed a range of comprehensive in-house methodologies for training needs analysis and programme design; competency assessment and development; staff assessment; recruitment; HR project management, and others.