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Improve your long-range strategic forecasting and analysis 



Turn Around Management is 

Turn Around Management is 


2-days in-company training course

1-day preparation and follow-up


Course is delivered in-person or online

Instructor: Philip Ammerman

Pricing: Upon Request, depending on number of participants, degree of customisation, and travel




Turn Around Management training will help you and your team with a strategic and structured framework for financial crisis management.


The training will guide your enterprise from loss to profit. After the training, you will be able to assess the enterprise risk in standard operations and understand how to spot an emerging crisis and measure its severity. You will also be able to understand the basics of a profit-loss statement, including cash flow and balance sheet impacts and develop strategies and tactics for turn-around management in a structured and coherent manner.


We have developed a robust methodology for dealing with both an immediate financial crisis or a longer turn around management situation.

​This is based on:

  • Developing a crystal-clear understanding of enterprise business models;

  • Translating this into an operating and financial business model capable of scenario planning and sensitivity analysis;

  • Further data-driven investigation into areas such as sales performance, customer profitability, portfolio profitability, order cycles, production model profitability, logistics and other key areas in the firm;

  • Understanding working capital, free cash flow, debt service, cash conversion and value-added value models relating to debt, cash flow and working capital;

  • Making specific decisions based on data and observable outcomes.


Our methodology incorporates well-known methods such as the turn-around curve, Porter’s Value Chain, Porter’s Competitive Advantage, certain aspects of lean management, risk analysis and classic financial modelling and analysis.



Day 1: FINANCIAL CRISIS: Types and Impacts


  • Risk Management

  • Modelling and Analysing Strategic Corporate Operations

  • Basic Corporate Finance

  • Measuring Cost of Sales


Day 2: Turn – Around Management Diagnosis


  • Customer Segmentation and Pathways to Change

  • Optimising Production and Industrial Operations

  • Turn Around Management Planning: Summary of Measures


We will take half a day to prepare for the training together with you. This includes introducing ourselves, discussing the key questions to be answered by the team, understanding who should be included in the training, and discussing data and confidentiality. 

Participants will be asked to review an introduction to the training, including supplemental reading resources and terms of engagement. 

A few days following the training, we will implement brief exit interviews with the trainees and outline what the next steps should be taken.


All managers who complete the training will be awarded Certificates of Participation. These can be co-branded with your company's logo. 


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Philip is a consultant, entrepreneur and investment advisor who has advised start-ups, investors and enterprises on digital disruption, internationalisation and investment-led growth since 1994. He is founder of Navigator ConsultingNumenor Capital and the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

Philip started his consultancy career in 1992. He supported the first wave of disruption in sectors such as banking and travel between 1995 and 2000, when the first crash took place. 


In parallel, he supported “real economy” investments, primarily in industry and manufacturing, that took place in Greece, Central & Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He has advised on over 220 investment transactions, (including M&A, loans and restructuring) with a total investment value exceeding € 6 billion.