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Project Experience: Internet Strategy

Inbound Marketing and Online Reputation Management in the Cyprus Professional Services Sector Cyprus May 2014

In order to support the Cyprus professional services sector react against the damage done to its professional reputation, Navigator organised a training programme on inbound marketing and online reputation management. The training featured 2 days of classroom training followed by full-day consulting visits to the participating companies.

Mastering Online Marketing: Effective Email Campaigns Cyprus October 2014

Navigator implemented a 1-day training programme on email marketing for the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce on 29 October 2014. The seminar was attended by 19 business executives from 14 enterprises.

Paphos Castle Cyprus
Online Marketing Solutions for the Cyprus Tourism Sector Cyprus April - June 2013

Navigator completed a blended learning programme for a group of eight tourism enterprises from Paphos, Cyprus. The programme included 2 days of training followed by a one-day consultancy visit to each participating enterprise. The training included online marketing methods for hotels, travel agencies and other tourism sector companies.

Web Marketing Guide for the Cyprus Food and Beverage Sector
Web Marketing Guide for the Food and Beverage Sector Cyprus February - May 2013

Navigator developed a practitioner-oriented Online Marketing Guide for managers in the Cypriot food and beverage sector. The Web Marketing Guide is intended for managers of food and beverage companies. It provides an overview of the basic architecture of a successful web marketing presence. This Guide is intended for a non-technical audience: the user does not need to be an expert web designer or online marketer to use it.

Fikardos Winery Vineyards, Paphos
Effective Web Design and Online Promotion in the Cyprus Wineries Sector Cyprus March - April 2011

Navigator delivered an innovative training and consultancy programme on web design and online marketing for wineries. This training focussed on Cypriot wineries, using internal case studies and best practise, and included detailed methodologies for emarketing campaigns, online sales strategy, social media marketing and search engine optimisation.