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Navigator begins Venture Capital Search for ECN UK

Navigator Consulting Group is searching for early stage venture capital to begin the European Consulting Network in the United Kingdom (ECN-UK).

Download the Business Plan Summary here

Governments and enterprises in the United States and the European Union spend over EUR 500 billion on consulting services each year. In the United Kingdom, this expenditure is estimated at EUR 40 billion per year.

There is no single platform for procurement and recruitment opportunities in a standardized, easy-to-use format.

ECN (www.ecn-eu.com) has developed the world’s first online business intelligence and professional networking platform for central EU procurement. This consolidates procurement from the European Commission, EU Agencies, the European delegations, and various EU programmes and related initiatives.

We regularly scan over 200 websites and enter data in a streamlined, common format, enabling both accurate search as well as cutting-edge statistics and procurement tools.

Launched in November 2011, we have 2,300 B2B members and are attracting 20-30 members per day without advertising.

We are seeking EUR 1.5 million in early stage funding to establish ECN in the United Kingdom. This corresponds to 40% of the ECN UK shareholding. The funding will be used to provide cash flow for the first three years of operation, before break-even is expected in year 4.

Additional information is available in the attached presentation: a complete financial model is available for serious investors upon request.

For further information, please contact Mr. Philip Ammerman on pga@navigator-consulting.com.