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Investment Advisory

We offer an integrated range of investment advisory services prior to, during and following the active stages of the investment cycle. These range from the initial market assessment and opportunity analysis, to full-scale business plans, to selected services such as due diligence, risk analysis & mitigation, and monitoring of investments.

Since our foundation in 1995, we have worked on over 120 investment projects, delivering some EUR 6 billion in invested resources.

Our services include:

Market Entry Studies

Comprehensive market analysis for national and regional markets. We provide detailed supply and demand analysis, competitor profiling, business intelligence, supply chain and distribution structure profiling, packaging and pricing conditions, warranty and after-sales service terms, legal and regulatory review.

Business Plan Development

Development of comprehensive business plans, suitable for submission for financing to private banks as well as international financial institutions such as the the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) or the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

Due Diligence

Commercial due diligence, technical and financial verification of business plans and investment partners. Vendor due diligence for sales of companies or assets.

Risk Analysis

Assessment of investment risk, based on factors including political, social, economic, technical and regulatory risk.  Design of mitigation strategies.

Joint Venture Development

Support to international and domestic investors interested in developing joint ventures, mergers, alliances or other forms of cooperation.

Investment Monitoring

Support for long-term monitoring of investments, including disbursement monitoring, management audits, and representation at Board of Directors level.

Our services in the investment advisory field are characterised through three working approaches:

CONFIDENTIALITY: We take a full range of precautions to safeguard the integrity of client data. These included integrated data and document security and control policies. We offer encrypted communications and data storage facilities, and can comply with most corporate systems in this area.

OBJECTIVITY: Our interventions are designed to be objective. We develop a rigorous analytical method that tests investment hypotheses. In implementing analysis, we will check known as well as unknown or uncertain variables. We utilise a range of analytical methods, including scenario planning and strategic forecasting.

DYNAMIC MODELLING: The factors affecting investment performance are myriad. Our projects take a comprehensive approach to analysis, both in lateral and vertical terms. We build interactive models that allow us to test variables affecting an investment: this is a powerful learning and monitoring tool for the investors, which can be applied and adapted after the completion of our consultancy services.


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