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Human Resources

  • Competency Management

    An underlying characteristic of an individual that can be used to predict outstanding performance on the job. Competencies enable top performers to demonstrate critical behaviours more often, in more situations, with better results. (The Hay Group, 1998).
  • HR Development Programmes

    In order to survive in today’s highly-competitive environment, enterprises require a state-of-the-art human resources (HR) management system. This system should be dynamic, corresponding to the evolving needs of the company.
  • Human Resources Management

    In the closing years of the twentieth century, management has come to accept that people, not cash, buildings or equipment, are the critical differentiators of a business enterprise. As we move into the new millennium and find ourselves in a...
  • Needs Analysis & Performance Diagnostic

    The objective of an HR needs assessment is to find out whether and how training and other personal or organisational development can close the performance gap. A secondary consideration is to design the HR programme so that it will have...
  • Training & HR Return-on-Investment

    Navigator has developed an extensive, in-house methodology for measuring the ROI of training and human resources development initiatives. Our methodology is based on leading authorities such as Jack Phillips, Patrick Fitz-Enz, and Peter Senger, and enables us to plan, implement...
  • Training Design & Delivery

    Navigator offers a wide range of standardised and customised management and corporate training programmes. These are based on a powerful mix of management theory, applied business practise and tactics, and extensive experience in the corporate context.