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Sotiris Karagiannidis


Sotiris Karagiannidis is a highly experienced tourism consultant and operations manager. He began his career managing a range of restaurants and food & beverage functions in Mykonos, including well-known resorts such as Cavo Tagoo, Santa Marina Hotel & Resort and Ambassador Hotel. He has also worked in Athens at Debby's Mayar, 17 Restaurant and Mythos Restaurant at the Divani Caravel Hotel.

Sotiris founded Hotel Solutions in Athens to provide hotel management and consulting services, and since then has implemented a range of performance improvement, restructuring, and development projects at several tourism companies in Greece.

Sotiris joined Navigator Consulting in June 2017 and is responsible for providing high value investment advisory services to hotels and other tourism enterprises in Greece and Cyprus. In this capacity, he acts as a liaison with hotel owners and management groups, provides project management services, and supports investment advisory projects across a wide spectrum of services: negotiations, valuation, investment strategy, and investment promotion.

Sotiris graduated from the Athens Institute of Hospitality Management in 1994.