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Orestis Votsis


Orestis Votsis joined Navigator Consulting in November 2018. Orestis is based at our Limassol, Cyprus office, responsible for marketing, digital transformation and strategic development.

Orestis earned a Bachelor’s in European Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Maastricht.

His prior work experience includes online product promotion and marketing with a consulting firm in Limassol specialising in educational and training services.

Following this, he worked as Head of Online Product & Business Promotion for a retail and distribution company in Limassol, responsible for content creation, social media management, e-shop management, and web development. In this capacity, he successfully introduced a new web platform and trained key stakeholders, including business customers, in its use.

Orestis is an avid music lover and playing guitar well enough to book live gigs. He is also an avid traveller and football player.

At Navigator, Orestis will support our consultancy operations in Cyprus and Greece, with a focus on customer relationship management, online marketing, key account management and other project activities.

He will coordinate our training and development activities for institutional clients in Cyprus, and will also support key initiatives such as NavInvest Greece and the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.