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Navigator Consulting Partners article on Business Cluster Policy in Europe
Thematic Focus: Developing Business Clusters in Europe
27 April 2015

The support and promotion of business clusters in Europe has been recognised by the European Commission and other European institutions since the late 1990s. This article introduces the European policy framework for business clusters and networks, and reviews some of the specific initiatives undertaken for their support. Navigator has been implementing cluster support projects in Poland and Lithuania since 2012 under the SeBPEN and InterCom projects.

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Greek Public Sector Employment, 2009-2013
Employment Trends in the Greek Public Sector
29 March 2015

Between 2009 and 2013, employment in the Greek public sector fell from 942,625 people to 667,410, a reduction of 29.2%. Few European governments have reduced total headcount by such a magnitude. As has been recently admitted, however, the majority in reductions are due to staff entering retirement or early retirement, and the reduction of temporary staff contracts.

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The Greek Parliament at Night
The SYRIZA Somersault
23 March 2015

Nearly two months ago, on the evening of January 25th, SYRIZA won 36.34% of the Greek popular vote and was called upon to form a government. This post examines the government's progress since then, and reviews the fabled "somersault", or cancellation of its major electoral promises in the face of economic reality.

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Panagia Odigitria Church in Kouklia, Paphos - View from the South East
Notes from a Visit to Kouklia Village, Paphos
20 March 2015

I’ve been seeing pictures of Kouklia Village and particularly the Panagia Odigitria Church since I first visited Cyprus in 1993. Today I finally had the chance to see the original. It is spectacular. Notes from a visit to Kouklia.

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Impacts of Grexit
15 March 2015

Many analysts and commentators have been discussing the potential of a Greek exit from the Eurozone, or “Grexit”. This is a very complex subject which cannot easily be assessed without a detailed econometric assessment of Greece’s economy and a wider assessment of Greece’s polity and society. What is possible is to explore some major themes and issues of a Grexit, and examine some relative impacts these may have on Greece’s economy and society. As there are a large number of variables involved, what follows is more of a concept note than a specific forecast.

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Is the Greek Debt Sustainable?
27 February 2015

Sustainability of public debt is a function of several factors. Each factor is important in different ways and at different points in time. A brief review of different factors used by financial and strategic investors to judge sustainability, and how these are interpreted in the case of Greece, is provided below.

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Alexis Tsipras of SYRIZA (photo (c) eKathimerini)
The Day After: Likely Developments Following a SYRIZA Election
21 January 2015

Elections in Greece are scheduled for January 25th 2015. This article outlines a baseline scenario for the consequences of a SYRIZA election and its political and economic aftermath, assuming SYRIZA abides by its electoral promises. Should it do so, and should no Troika compromise occur, we forecast a hard default by May 2015.

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Are Greece's creditors really loan sharks?
19 January 2015

With an effective interest rate of 1.7%, and a debt service share of government expenditure at 11%, Greece actually has more favourable debt service conditions that the United States. So why all the fuss about Greek debt?

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Distortions in the Greek Tax Code
10 January 2015

Despite five years of “structural reforms” and repeated promises by every single Greek political party to “reform the tax system”, the distortions in the Greek tax code continue. This is illustrated nowhere more clearly than in two decisions announced recently by the Hellenic Ministry of Finance.

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