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Greek Referendum Ballot
The Greek No
06 July 2015

As expected, Greek voters backed the “No” in the Referendum held on Sunday, 5 July. This article reviews how this Referendum occurred and reflects on the misconceptions that underlie it.

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Tactical Errors in the Greek Referendum
29 June 2015

Since Prime Minister Alexi Tsipras called a referendum in Greece over austerity measures on Saturday morning, a number of developments have emerged that influence the correct conduct and result of this exercise.

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Alexis Tsipras calls a Referendum
26 June 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has just called for a referendum in Greece, to be held on Saturday, 5 July. The topic of the referendum will be a “yes or no to the austerity measures proposed by the creditors”.

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Pro-European demonstration at the Hellenic Parliament 22 June 2015
What do I think of the new Greek austerity plan?
23 June 2015

Yesterday the Greek government sent its new proposals for austerity to Brussels. Viewed as a last ditch attempt, the package includes tax increases and partial expenditure cuts. This article evaluates this proposal.

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Are all the IMF Reform Requirements for Greece Necessary?
23 May 2015

Bloomberg, the FT and other sources are reporting that the latest Riga summit has concluded that the IMF's approval on structural reforms is necessary. The IMF, in turn, is reported as being opposed to a "quick and dirty review", as well as being opposed to rollbacks of earlier structural reforms made by SYRIZA. But are all IMF reforms really necessary at the present time?

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